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You've been chosen for a job, but you've found that a lot more is expected of you than just your voice. Your clients want to listen into the session with members of their team. They also want you to play back live takes with drop ins, and the audio edited, named and delivered quickly, but you're a voiceover, not an editor, and it will take forever...

Book time with the VirtualVOStudio instead.

I'll connect to you using the industry standard Source Connect, or whichever service you prefer. Your clients join us in a Teams meeting and watch our session live via screen sharing. I edit and comp in real time, and send the audio to you or your client within minutes of the session finishing.

Whether it's a huge 20,000 word e-learning self-record that would take you days to edit, or a client attended session that you can't facilitate, all you need to do is turn up and talk.

A simple, efficient, cost effective fuss-free way to record your VO. 



You've booked a voiceover recording with a home studio for your project and you want to direct the session, but the VO artist can't facilitate this.

Hiring a studio is expensive. Travel to and from the studio is time consuming. Do you REALLY need to book an expensive studio facility, with surround sound and a vast mixing desk to record one person talking?

​Book time with the VirtualVOStudio instead.

You'll send scripts and videos before the session, and you'll then be sent a Microsoft Teams link where you and your creative team can watch and listen to your recording session, on your desktops, as if you're looking over my shoulder in a recording studio, with your edited and named audio delivered to your inbox before the end of the session.

Whether it's a simple voiceover recording or a huge, multicast voice-to-picture edit, all you need is your laptop and a pair of headphones, wherever you are in the world.

A simple, efficient, cost effective fuss-free way to record your VO. 

Does your agency have a full-time recording studio where VO artists can attend with clients? If not, the VirtualVOStudio is perfect for those jobs where the client wants to attend a session remotely and you need to book an external studio, or your VO artist only records from their home booth. I've been the house engineer for seven years at The Voiceover Gallery in Manchester/Soho, with thousands of sessions to my name, mixing countless ads, docs, corporates, voice-to-pics, foreign translation and TV doc comms tracks, and am fully equipped to do whatever is required - all online, on demand.

My services can be included in your package to the client, and my rates are considerably more reasonable (and the entire process much more convenient) than booking a commercial studio.

If you need a partner to work with, providing my services to your client or VO artist, or if you need an overflow studio for when you're really busy, then please contact me to arrange time.


If your agency does not have an audio facility, then the studio can be rented out for Audio Afternoons. At a time when businesses are feeling the pinch, this is a way to dramatically cut costs - a typical facility is over £100/hr, but I charge £350 for the whole afternoon.

The studio will be yours from 1-6pm on your afternoon, where your staff can book time for any audio work you have - VO recording, mixing, sound design, editing, or anything else, all remotely on your laptop, listening and watching in Teams or Zoom using the new high-quality mode. Plus, each booking also includes one hour from 11-12 noon to prepare the sessions.

I'll give you access to my calendar where your staff can arrange time between themselves.

Please contact me to arrange this. Bookings can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, with discounts on retainers.



I'm Chris Power, a production sound engineer working from my own studio in the North West of England.

After returning from living abroad, I studied at the School of Sound Recording in Manchester, and then spent the next fifteen years recording music in studios across the country, as well as becoming one of the first handful of certified AVID Pro Tools Expert Trainers, lecturing in private colleges and universities in the North West. As the music industry changed, I moved into production sound and worked for the Voiceover Gallery in Manchester for seven years as house engineer, recording over ten thousand sessions with countless voiceover artists and clients.

The voiceover business changed dramatically at the onset of the pandemic, with voiceover artists changing from having to use expensive ISDN equipped commercial facilities to using their own Source Connect home set-ups. As artists started working from their home studios, and as the entire industry changed, it became clear that there was an opportunity to simplify the way agencies and voiceover artists connect. It's exciting to see how my new venture will grow.

I've been working with Chris for years now and he is an absolute pro. I'm always pleased when I'm booked into a session and see Chris is producing, because you just know you're in safe hands. Even on the odd occasion when there's a technical problems, Chris is unphased and takes it all in his stride. In fact - he's something of an 'audio geek' - which lets face, is what you want when it comes to producing voiceover! Not only that, he has a good sense of humour and is great fun to work with to boot. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris' services, both as a voiceover artist or to an agency".

Faye Dicker

Voiceover Artist

Working with Chris is a joy and I’m always delighted when we’re scheduled for the same recording sessions. His management of both studio and clients on even the most demanding of projects is a measure of his talent, experience and unfailing good humour.  He also edits at the speed of sound with complete accuracy.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Annette Rizzo

Voiceover Artist

I have worked with Chris for many years and each job I voice I always look forward to the final mix. Chris is the perfect sound engineer and with him in control I know the session will run seamlessly.

Guy Harris

Voiceover Artist

Working with Chris at Virtual VO is quite simply perfection. He’s calm, he’s highly efficient, and his technical expertise is second-to-none. The way he runs complex sessions with such ease allows me to fully concentrate on my own job, which means, on top of everything else he does he also gets the best performance from the voiceover. On top of all that, Chris is great fun to work with and he keeps sessions positive and buoyant. I can’t recommend Virtual VO highly enough.

Howie Fiddy

Voiceover Artist

Sound engineers don't come much better than Chris. Not only does he know how to get the most from a session and your voice, he intuitively knows what the client is after too. Sessions always run smoothly, clients are always happy and he makes everything so easy for everyone involved. During the set up of my own sound booth, Chris was on hand to help, answering my stupid questions (of which there were many!) suggesting software, equipment, tutorials, apps, tips and tricks and perhaps most helpfully, taking time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to test everything for me and make sure it was just right. Chris is most definitely my go-to engineer and I always recommend him to other VO artists, clients and agencies.

Branwen Christie

Voiceover Artist