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I was given a link to join a conference by a VO agency - what do I need to do?

Nothing - just click the link and follow the instructions. The agency arranges everything else. Please only use the high-quality mode if you're wearing headphones.

Can I test before I start?

Yes - the entry page of the conference software has a meter to check your mic is working and a button to test your speakers.

What conference software do you use?

I use SessionLinkPRO Conferencing. This provides solid, reliable 1080p video and significantly better than ISDN audio. It's as easy to use as Zoom, Meet and Teams, too. I also use Zoom as a backup.

What do I tell my VO?

Tell them to read the FAQs below, and let them know that I'll connect to them five minutes before the session.

What do I need you to send to the studio?

If you send simple scripts in a numbered table in a Word doc (with a side-by-side translation if it's a localisation), plus an MP4 with a guide VO, then there is very little set up. Storyboards, OMFs/AAFs, or a link to the entire project in a Google drive take ages to unravel.


Can I use ipDTL? Source Connect Now? Cleanfeed?
Yes - you can use any of the services available. I use SessionLinkPRO, but If you have a subscription to iPDTL, Cleanfeed etc. and prefer to use that, please send me an invitation link before the session.

Can I use WiFi?
NO. You really need an ethernet cable connecting your router to your computer. You can buy 50 meter ones which you can drape though your home if you have to, but I've never had a completely successful session using WiFi. Recording the audio in your studio and sending it to me after the session doesn't work either - live sessions have huge amounts of edits, and matching them to the raw audio you send would take days.

Can I test my set-up before the session by myself?
Yes - on the log-in page of SessionLinkPRO you'll see a TEST LOOP option. This is a loopback test - talk into your mic when you're connected, and  if you hear your voice repeated in your headphones, you're ready to go. If you don't, make sure that you have your inputs and outputs connected properly.

What settings do I choose in SessionLinkPRO?
You don't need to change anything - I will send you instructions with a simple pre-configured invitation.

Which is best? Source Connect Standard? Source Gateway Free? ipDTL? Cleanfeed? SessionLinkPRO?
All of the services that open in Google Chrome are the same software, but with different interfaces. Some have different features, for example SessionLinkPRO, which I use, lets you share 1080p video.
Source Connect Standard (or Pro) is different though. It opens as an app instead of in a browser window, and has extra features that aren't available in the browser versions, but most VO engineers don't set them up. It also has a significant delay which many VOs find difficult to work with.

Do I need to record a backup?
Yes, but you don't need any other software - there's a built in recorder in SessionLinkPro. You'll be sent simple instructions before the session.


The VirtualVOStudio is a fully-connected, fully-featured online Pro Tools studio, handling everything the studio you normally use can, with the convenience of being entirely online.

Services include:

  • VO recording

  • Commercial/Doc mixing
  • Foreign dubbing

  • Studio overflow

  • Sound design

  • VO Reels

  • ISDN Bridging


All sessions can be attended via broadcast quality audio comms.


  • Full Pro Tools, M2 Macs

  • All industry standard plug-ins

  • SessionLinkPRO, Source-Connect Nexus, Cleanfeed and all OPUS codecs

  • Simple, broadcast quality comms conference

  • Contention-free stable 1GB internet


The studio plus engineer costs £70/hr. Sessions have half hour gaps between them so that there can be time to check connections, plus up to 15 minutes of overrun if needed.

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