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I'm Chris Power, an audio engineer working from my own studio in the North West of England.

​I came into this business as a musician initially, and this led to becoming a sound engineer, recording bands for many years, while lecturing in colleges and universities in the UK, for AVID and others.

The whole industry changed when it became much easier to make songs at home, so lots of music studios closed down. I was offered a job in a VO studio. How difficult can recording one person be, I thought, before learning the hard way...

This run of events led  me to work as the house engineer for The Voiceover Gallery in Manchester for many years, working with VO artists and agencies in every corner of the world, in dozens of languages, with thousands of sessions to my name.  ISDN was tethering VO artists and engineers to expensive facilities, but the pandemic pushed the entire industry towards home set-ups where most of the VO's seem to have stayed. I built my own studio and work exclusively from there. I've produced thousands of hours of content from my studio, for significant clients - Google, Meta and countless more.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions like:

“We need a studio, but we can't afford to pay for a full-time engineer. Can we use you when we need you?”

“We're double booked and we need a studio NOW, can you help?”

“We need a UK studio to record a VO for our US agency - can you do 10am? That's four in the morning for us!”

Working with Chris is a joy and I’m always delighted when we’re scheduled for the same recording sessions. His management of both studio and clients on even the most demanding of projects is a measure of his talent, experience and unfailing good humour.  He also edits at the speed of sound with complete accuracy.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Annette Rizzo

Voiceover Artist

Working with Chris at Virtual VO is quite simply perfection. He’s calm, he’s highly efficient, and his technical expertise is second-to-none. The way he runs complex sessions with such ease allows me to fully concentrate on my own job, which means, on top of everything else he does he also gets the best performance from the voiceover. On top of all that, Chris is great fun to work with and he keeps sessions positive and buoyant. I can’t recommend Virtual VO highly enough.

Howie Fiddy

Voiceover Artist

I've been working with Chris for years now and he is an absolute pro. I'm always pleased when I'm booked into a session and see Chris is producing, because you just know you're in safe hands. Even on the odd occasion when there's a technical problems, Chris is unphased and takes it all in his stride. In fact - he's something of an 'audio geek' - which lets face, is what you want when it comes to producing voiceover! Not only that, he has a good sense of humour and is great fun to work with to boot. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris' services, both as a voiceover artist or to an agency".

Faye Dicker

Voiceover Artist

I have worked with Chris for many years and each job I voice I always look forward to the final mix. Chris is the perfect sound engineer and with him in control I know the session will run seamlessly.

Guy Harris

Voiceover Artist

Sound engineers don't come much better than Chris. Not only does he know how to get the most from a session and your voice, he intuitively knows what the client is after too. Sessions always run smoothly, clients are always happy and he makes everything so easy for everyone involved. During the set up of my own sound booth, Chris was on hand to help, answering my stupid questions (of which there were many!) suggesting software, equipment, tutorials, apps, tips and tricks and perhaps most helpfully, taking time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to test everything for me and make sure it was just right. Chris is most definitely my go-to engineer and I always recommend him to other VO artists, clients and agencies.

Branwen Christie

Voiceover Artist

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